John Batchelor says there’s an LL Bean of bomb parts and technology and neither the US nor Europe can stop them, despite the UN sanctions.


Expect an ESCALATION OF THE GAZA WAR – the surrogate war between Teheran and Washington DC.

 Hizballah Is Ordered to Escalate.    

Olivier Guitta, Middle East Times, told me Sunday 11 that his source in Beirut reports that Hizballah will now get involved in the escalation of the Gaza War.  Hizballah has been ordered to ready its rockets and teams for salvos on Israel.  The escalation will draw the IAF.  But it is not the summer of 2006.  This time the advantage is with Hizballah.  Why?

Tehran Decides.

The meeting last Wednesday 7 in Damscus between Tehran’s envoy Ali Larijani and Hamas bossKhaled Meshal was to discuss the Hamas readiness to resist in Gaza while Tehran 


chooses how to respond to the Israeli ferocity.   Hamas voted to fight it out as long as help was on the way.  The IDF has now commited its reservists (right) to Gaza to escalate the fight into the urban centers. My best source agrees with Olivier Guitta that the decision has now been made in Tehran to escalate the war to northern Israel by ordering Hizballah to start rocketing as in the summer ’06.  The IAF will not be as effective in the thick cloud cover of winter over Bekaa.   The Hizballah rockets will starts against northern Israel. and the escalation may soon extend to Palestinian militia created by Syria on the Golan Heights.  It is not possible at this time to rule out Syria getting involved directly if the Syria airspace is violated in the counter strikes.  The Hamas boasting today that it will never surrender and is prepared for its victory in Gaza is another indication that the Hamas leadership — hiding in the Sinai at al-Arish where it fled early in the action — knows that help is on the way.



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