LONDON: Radical Islamist, Azzam Tamimi, declares that Hamas’ military is in tact, has not even been dented. Israel has dug its grave and Mubarrak, Abbas, and the Saudi Royal Family will fall too.

Notice how renowned America-hater, Jew-hater, terrorist-lover, British MP George Galloway is lurking in the background, eating it up. Allahu Akbar to you, baby, may they cut your throat.

(English begins in 38 seconds)


More Muslim hysteria from the Islamic Republic of England: JEWS EATING PALESTINIAN BABIES.

Pass the ketchup, please.

HAT TIP: www.jihadwatch.org


Hey, these kinds of cartoons that appear regularly in the Palestinian press are offensive. Isn’t it about time Jews started rioting in the streets and burning down embassies?


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