SCREW THE UN, that worthless piece of 3rd world trash

Knock yourselves out UN, you can call for a ceasefire ’til the cows come home, or shall I say, pigs.

As long as Hamas isn’t ready to give up its war against Israel, the attacks against GAZA will continue. And more Palestinians will die. YES!

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Ban Ki Moon, another empty suit who represents a totally impotent international body.

The Secretary General of the United Nations plans on using the weight of his august position to influence all parties in the region to push for a Gaza cease fire. HAH! His position holds no weight anymore. His predecessor saw to that.

I have been watching the Secretary very carefully since the beginning of this conflict. For the most part he has spoken up when it was required and made cogent evaluations and strong statements. But on one of the most important moral and ethical issues of this conflict the Secretary General has remained utterly silent. It is the responsibility of the Secretary General to not only point out the moral and ethical shortcomings of nations but to also try to influence those nations to act morally.

Ban Ki Moon has not said a word about Hamas’ use of human shields. Hamas has spoken openly, often and proudly about using human shields. Hamas has aired TV programs about human shields. Hamas leaders have gone on radio and TV to defend the act and to congratulate the people who participate in their human shield program.

This is a severe blemish on the Secretary. By not speaking out about the use of human shields Ban Ki Moon is allowing Hamas to appear as the innocent victims of Israel in this conflict.

The implication is that the civilian casualties are the result of deliberate act of Israeli brutality. Speaking out against the policy of using human shields will not change Hamas’ behavior but it will certainly show those who listen that Hamas cares only about the Islamic resistance and not about Palestinian lives.

Sometimes, silence really does speak louder than words.



The people of Gaza have themselves to blame because they voted for the Hamas terrorist regime. Screw them too, they are NOT innocents.

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