FREE SPEECH in the Netherlands is dead

And eventually, a lot of Dutch people will be, too, because of it. Anti-radical Islam advocate, Geert Wilders, to be prosecuted for ‘inciting hatred.’

Yet all those Muslims who rioted and murdered in the streets of Amsterdam and throughout Europe, over the Danish cartoons, never will be. How long until the Muslim President Obama will do the same here?

Our friends at TUNDRA TABLOIDS report:

The Dutch Public Prosecutor’s Office is set to trample free speech rights in its misguided quest to prosecute Right-wing politician, Geert Wilders, for inciting hatred, discrimination and insulting language concerning Islam and Muslims.

It’s going to be interesting to see how the Dutch court presents its case, given that Wilders has presented his case against Islam by referring exclusively to Islamic texts and the over response by the Muslim leadership concerning these texts. Islam is an ideology, it’s not a racial, ethnic group, simply an ideology, and what the Dutch court is trying to do, is to place an ideology above critique. We’ve seen that before, as the Soviet Union victimized those who dared to raise a voice about the wrongs inflicted on others by that dangerous ideology.

Dutch Public Prosecutor’s Office to try Geert Wilders for THOUGHT CRIME.

The Amsterdam court has ruled that the Public Prosecutor’s Office should after all prosecute the right-wing populist politician Geert Wilders for remarks about Muslims and Islam. The court found that there was a case of inciting hatred, discrimination and insulting language to answer. Earlier the Public Prosecutor decided not to proceed against Mr Wilders, which sparked numerous protests from organisations and individuals.

The court regarded Mr Wilders’ remarks as punishable in law in view of both their content and the manner of presentation. The judges characterized the presentation as comprising “one-sided, generalised phrasing characterised by a radical nature, constant repetition and increasing ferocity”. The court further ruled that the prosecution of the PVV party leader would not conflict with the right to freedom of expression.

Mr Wilders said it was “a black day for freedom of speech” and for himself. Although he was confident he would be exonerated, he was afraid the trial might last so long and cost the PVV so much that the future existence of the party would be jeopardized.

Geert Wilders talks about “Fitna,” the film Islam tried to have banned.

They upgraded their security and are thumbing their noses at the medieval morons: – Fitna the Movie: Geert Wilders’ film about the Quran (English). Kudos to LiveLeak for taking the kind of principled stand our mainstream media won’t.

FITNA’s filmmaker, Geert Wilders,’ life has been threatened by Muslims around the world and now he is facing arrest and trial by Islamic countries that want to silence him for good.

FITNA, the movie


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