Now that Islam has Europe by the balls….

…will their hearts and minds follow? Or just their heads?

Muslims comprise no more than 10% of the population of any country in Europe, yet one by one, the countries of Europe are compromising their basic freedoms and human rights  by caving in to the sensitivities and religious fanaticism of the Muslims, aided and abetted by left wing sympathizers.

Watch these to see what will happen in America if we don’t stop Islam from spreading here too.

Speak out against Islam and lose your life.


Try to integrate Muslims into the culture of Europe and lose your livelihood.


Stop complaining that there are TOO MANY MUSLIMS IN EUROPE and just BAN ALL MUSLIM IMMIGRATION. Period.


“I wonder how long before the first European woman is stoned to death for adultery? If that catches on, the result will be hardly anyone left in France.” 

“In Europe, being called ISLAMOPHOBIC now is a compliment.” Nobody presents the bare naked truth about the creeping Islamization of Europe better than Pat Condell.


Multiculturalism in Great Britain means bending over backwards to appease Muslim extremists and then being told that Muslim areas are NO-GO for non-Muslims.



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