Eye-Witness to a DOUBLE STONING

Just being accused of adultery, even with no evidence or witnesses, can get an Islamic woman a sentence of DEATH BY STONING.

A friend of mine witnessed such an execution by Hamas in what was occupied Gaza back in the ’90’s. In his own words….

“I was in Israel for a little more than a year. This was back in the late 90’s. I saw the ‘Pallywood ambulance’ scheme first hand and how most of the fighting is on a particular corner in Gaza. I realized that there was a lot of stage direction going on. But there was nothing staged about the stonings, beheadings, limbs chopped off for the minor “crime” of being hungry and taking a pita bread from a street vendor without paying.

I saw Gaza stonings, Iranian-style. There were two teenagers. My translator said that they had been seen talking with a Coptic priest and going out without a male. Two holes had been dug for them. I was as part of the crowd and at the time I had a beard and didn’t stand out at all. The crowd was chanting ‘Allah Akbar’ and some guy with a megaphone was apparently reading out the accusations and Shari’a sentence of these poor kids basically, 16 and 18, their lives had hardly began.

So they take the two girls and bind them. They’re put into the holes which leaves basically their head and shoulders exposed. Some more bullhorn Allah Akbars, and crowd responding. Kids (mom nursing kids!!) wearing these green headbands and dressed like little sultans, women, and lots of screaming men. So  people pick out a stone – my translator said that it has to be the right size, and ideally weighs 10-15 lbs.

The crowd begins throwing stones at the two young girls who are FACING THEM from inside the holes, unable to move and bound up. Rocks hit their heads, gashing the head of the younger girl who begins gushing blood from her mouth and nose.  Another barrage of stones and her head is split wide open, the white robe she’s in is now blood-red. The other girl is seeing this and screaming her head off, begging Allah to make her death quick. She yells something at the crowd and is rewarded with a rock that literally cracks her head open and causes massive bleeding. She had foam coming from her mouth, her skull appeared to be fractured.

The first girl is completely freaking out as she is bleeding to death. A few more rocks well aimed and the two girls are twitching in the throes of death The whole gruesome affair TOOK A GOOD HOUR from when they started putting the girls into the holes until they were dying.

What really blew my mind was a gang of youths, with faces covered, wearing green Hamas headbands, who went up to each of the girls and put bullets into them just to be sure they were dead. When one was shot she was still alive and was twitching, apparently having a seizure.

There were several old bearded Imams who passed the fatwa against the two girls.

As I said, I’ve seen some REALLY inhumane acts commited in the name of Islam and Mo’ (Mohammed), (PBUH) may he burn in Hell for an eternity.”

Sisters Zohreh and Azar Kabiri, from the town of Shahriar in Tehran Province, were charged with adultery and sentenced to death by stoning. The verdict comes six months after each sister had already carried out a sentence of 99 lashes for the same crime.

Eleven people in Iran, currently on adultery charges, await their death sentence by stoning…nine of whom are women.

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