Al-Qaeda Plans Nuclear Attacks on 7 U.S. Cities

Looks like B. Hussein Obama is releasing the GITMO terrorists just in time.

Joe Biden said Obama will be tested by our enemies within the first 6 months. Apparently the “test” will be  a nuclear attack on 7 US cities simultaneously, materials for which have been smuggled into the US via Mexico.

Seasoned investigative reporter and former FBI consultant Paul Williams reveals the alarming potential for nuclear terrorism on U.S. soil and the sinister connections among organized crime, illegal immigrants, and al-Qaeda.

Recently, FBI Director Robert Mueller confirmed Williams’ main claim. Mueller said al-Qaeda’s paramount goal is clear: to detonate a nuclear device that would kill hundreds of thousands of Americans.

Mueller told NewsMax that at times, the threat feels so real he lies awake at night thinking about the prospect.

Williams maintains that al-Qaeda is not content on blowing up one nuclear device or even simply a “dirty” nuke — but wants to explode real nuclear devices in seven U.S. cities simultaneously.

Williams says these cities are New York, Washington, D.C., Las Vegas, Miami, Boston, Houston, and Los Angeles. Mueller seems to confirm this claim of multiple attacks, saying both New York and Washington would be likely targets.


Pakistani journalist who has met with bin Laden and al-Qaeda leaders several times confirms the plan, saying that bin Laden has issued the requisite 3 warnings, so they are good to go.