“Hope you all get bombed,” says hate preacher Omar Bakri Mohammed

We Muslims have no choice but to take the sharia and implement it,” hate preacher Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed has promised 2009 will be a year of “hellfire” for Brits in a sick New Year message.


Warped Bakri also declared it his mission to impose Islamic sharia law across the UK over the next 12 months.

He made the address to fellow fanatics in a poisonous web sermon from his Lebanon bolt-hole. The cleric’s latest speech came amid warnings of a new 9/11 terror strike in the US. 

Threats on an al-Qaida website suggest a dummy run has already taken place for an atrocity.  Bakri upped the terror fears on a website run by hate preacher pal Anjem Choudary, 41. 

He said: “The sharia of Islam is a divine way of life. “Those who reject the sharia will be subject to hellfire.” The dad of six also targeted Jews, ranting they should submit to Islamic law. 

And he sent a thinly-veiled message for fanatics to rise against the West. He added: “We have to force the man-made systems around the world to submit. And make the whole galaxy subservient to mighty Allah if we can.”

Bakri, 50, also singles out Britain for not being ruled by Islamic decrees. He said: “It is your duty to expose the man-made system where you live. 

A security source said last night: “This is meant as a coded threat to the West. “It gives the green light to attack any country not following his warped views.”

Daily Star