GITMO: "Please, please, President Obama, Don't send me home. I'll be good, I will, I will."

Guantanamo prisoners prefer life there to being returned to their home countries.

Well no kidding. They get 3 “halal” squares a day plus 2 snacks (most have gained at least 20 lbs) , 3 hours of recreation, Islamic reading material, prayer rooms, and a life of leisure in the tropical sun. Why would they want to go back to the third world?

Fearing militants or even their own governments, some prisoners at Guantanamo Bay from China, Saudi Arabia and other nations do not want to go home, according to transcripts of hearings at the U.S. prison in Cuba.

Uzbekistan, Yemen, Algeria and Syria are also among the countries to which detainees do not want to return. The inmates have told military tribunals that they or their families could be tortured or killed if they are sent back. A man from Syria who was detained along with his father pleaded with the tribunal for help getting them political asylum—in any country that will take them.

A Uighur told a military tribunal that he feared going back to China so much, he considered trying to convince the panel that he was guilty, according to a hearing transcript. “If I am sent back to China, they will torture me really bad,” said the man, whose name did not appear in the transcript. “They will use dogs. They will pull out my nails.“SOURCE: BREITBART article.php?id=D8G6CJV03&show_article=1


Listen to this whinyass terrorist crying to his interrogator, “You don’t care about me.” Well, Boo Fricken Hoo!


PRISONER 372 from GITMO to YOUTUBE, promising bigger and better acts of terror against the United States.



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