Why would ISLAMObama do his FIRST FORMAL INTERVIEW as President with a MUSLIM NEWS OUTLET?

We all know why, Obama is, and always has been a Muslim.

Now do you understand why all the Islamic terrorists supported this bastard? And why this bastard was so anxious to let all his terrorist friends out of Gitmo? I’ve always wondered whether or not he is part of an Islamic sleeper cell in this country. I guess we will soon find out.


President Obama Does First Formal TV Interview as President with Al-Arabiya

January 26, 2009 6:29 PM

As special envoy to the Middle East, George Mitchell heads off to the region to begin work on negotiating a cease fire between Israel and the Palestinians, President Obama has sat for his first formal TV interview with the Arabic cable TV network Al-Arabiya, ABC News has learned.

The interview was taped this evening and is set to air at 11 pm ET, as Mitchell is in the air and on his way to the region.

Based in Dubai, Al-Arabiya estimates that it has a potential audience exceeding 23 million in the Gulf region.


(From Yahoo News) Obama said he felt it important to “get engaged right away” in the Mideast and had directed Mitchell to talk to “all the major parties involved.” His administration would craft an approach after that, he said in the interview.

“What I told him is start by listening, because all too often the United States starts by dictating,” Obama told the interviewer.

Ironic words from the little dictator-in-chief himself. Does Obama ever miss an opportunity to trash America in the foreign press?

 Interesting article by Michael Savage:

Obama and the Arab street 

Obama has conducted the first sit down interview of his presidency. Not with an american network, not with FOX news, not even with the Communist News Network.  He chose instead to go with the Arab language cable network, al Arrabya, for his first interview, and Americans are outraged.  Listen to these reactions posted on the website where the news was first broken:

The hope and changer in chief thinks that the power of his personality and the flash of his pearly whites are going to convince the Iranians to give up their nukes. sure.

He is extremely naive. Militant Islam hates us because we are successful and their countries rely on the usa. obama isn’t going to change that with words. guns? maybe….

This is really sad. It shows his lack of foreign policy experience. He will be a back room joke for other countries. We will pay for his lack of foreign policy experience.

The US is so sad today… but don’t you feel diverse?

Overwhelmingly negative reactions.  And listen to what those who actually voted for Obama have to say about it:

I didn’t vote for this garbage that Obama is pulling! He told us he was a “centrist”. Well guess what folks he isn’t! He won just 53% of the vote, 4% changing their minds would have made him a loser. I feel stupid for having voted for him. Never again.

I voted for this? In one week he is totally destroying america! Now gives first post election interview to a reporter in Dubai? Where is his reaching out to lead as a moderate?  I want my vote back!

Obama has made a serious error in judgment.  It is clear that he values the opinion of the world over the opinion of voters in the United States who actually elected him.  It is clear the Arab street counts more to him than does main street.  It’s clear he cares more about the mideast than the midwest.

Michael Savage




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