Whenever Muslims comprise 10% of the population or more, Western culture begins a shocking decline.

Malmö: Rosengård ‘growing more radical.’

A majority of Rosengård’s inhabitants believe the troubled Malmö suburb has undergone a radicalization over the past five years, a new study shows. The vast majority of respondents were of the view that the predominantly (MUSLIM) immigrant suburb had become considerably more radical over the last five years.

Ranstorp and Dos Santos describe how “ultra-radical” Islamists attached to basement mosques “preach isolation and act as thought controllers while also maintaining a strong culture of threats, in which women in particular are subjected to physical and psychological harassment.”

Konstantinides said he viewed the moderate Muslim majority, who are irritated and concerned by the radicals, as a resource with which to counteract their rise. “We need to try to mobilize the forces for good. We cooperate well with the Islamic Center, for example, which runs the main mosque in Malmö,” he said.

Integration and Equality Minister Nyamko Sabuni reacted strongly to the report.

“It is completely unacceptable that there are fundamentalist groups in Rosengård prescribing child marriage, harassing women who don’t wear headscarves and encouraging young people to isolate themselves from society. Swedish laws, rights and equality apply to everybody, including the residents of Rosengård,” Sabuni said in a statement. Rosengård was the scene of extensive rioting in December following the closure of an Islamic cultural centre in the area.

Violent Muslim riots in Malmö, Sweden (Rosengård) 18 December 2008

Swedish politicians supported by media are working hard to transform Sweden to a non-Swedish banana republic. With nine million inhabitants including two million immigrants in first and second generation and 600,000 muslims this nation is committing suicide.
Crime rates are sky high and huge problems are facing this once proud nation. Mostly caused by lack of free spech, lack of democracy and lack of responsible politicians. Today media and established politicians are harassing Swedes who dare to oppose. Swedes are violently attacked, fired from their jobs and chased on the streets by left wing thugs.

Malmö in southern Sweden has one of the largest Muslim ghettos in Sweden, but there are many others. There are no-go areas where no civlized man can be. Sweden is falling apart while media and politicians still promote mass-immigration from any third world country.
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