OH NO! UK finally stands up to Muslim hate speech and Muslims get their panties in a wad


The current clash in Gaza continues to expose a deep seeded hatred and grudge held by the west against Islam and Muslims. (Well he’s got that part right) The rhetoric of politicians, public officials, Jewish demonstrators and the press egging on and justifying Israeli terrorism and the hypocritical policy of western police forces that see nothing wrong with even the most fanatical supporter of the terrorist state of Israel but will arrest a Muslim for even criticizing it.

Thursday 22nd January 2009 revealed the spite and malice of a pro-Israeli solicitor firm ****, who remonstrated at a neighbouring Muslim shop attendant, after a poster advertising a conference titled, ‘Israel is the cancer, Islam is the answer’ was displayed on their premises. They claimed he was ‘inciting racial hatred’. (What goes around comes around)  After the official complaint by the solicitors firm, the Police attended the shop and arrested the innocent Muslim shop attendant.

It is incredible that despite the west’s fierce boasting about ‘freedom of speech’, it is clear that these freedoms were never meant for Muslims to exercise. Rather, they were intended solely for the purpose of justifying a propaganda campaign against Islam and Muslims and to defend western hegemony. (Sorry Muhammad, you creeps have been more than abusing your freedom of speech in the West, something you don’t even have in the tyrannical terrorist-infested hellholes you came out of)

This kind of spiteful attitude towards Muslims has become the norm in the west as part of the global war against Islam and Muslims. Cancelling Muslim events, arresting of Innocent Muslims and closing the door for any debate about the validity of western ideology is all part of a campaign against the notion of Muslims’ liberty and the idea of Shari’ah law and justice.


(Methinks thou doth protesteth too much, mr. terrorist-lover, if this is any example of how ‘oppressed’ you are in the West. No one has thrown your sorry asses in jail for a lot worse. So now it’s payback time. Get used to it.)



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