FRENCH LEADER SUBMITS TO ISLAM as if to say, 'If you feed the crocodile, he will eat you last'

French President Nicolas Sarkozy called Arabic the “language of the future, of science and of modernity,” and expressed the hope that “more French people share in the language that expresses great civilizational and spiritual values.” 

The language of science and of modernity? Who is he kidding? What is he smoking? This is from a man who lost 57 members of his family to Hitler’s Nazis, and now wants to appease the Muslims. Does Sarkozy believe in the Crocodile Principle?

He goes on to say “We must invest in the Arabic language  to teach it symbolizes a moment of exchange, of openness and of tolerance, (and it) brings with it one of the oldest and most prestigious civilizations of the world. It is in France that we have the greatest number of persons of Arabic and Muslim origin. Islam is the second religion of France,” Sarkozy reminded his listeners.

Sarkozy then proceded to list the various “advances in terms of diversity,” the increase in Muslim sections of cemeteries, (well, I guess dead Muslims aren’t such a bad idea) the training of imams and chaplains and the appointments of ministers of diverse backgrounds.

“France is a friend of Arabic countries. We are not seeking a clash between the East and West,(Ah yes, the renowned French lack of spine rears its ugly head again) he affirmed, emphasizing the strong presence of Arab leaders at the founding summit of the Union for the Mediterranean, last July 13.  “The Mediterranean is where our common hopes were founded. Our common sea is where the principal challenges come together: durable development, security, education and peace.” 

Australian Islamist Monitor

Apparently thousands of French citizens (mostly women) agree, as they willingly give up their freedoms to don the veil of servitude and oppression.




Gee, I wonder how President Sarkozy could have missed this:  How radical Islam is infiltrating France without using terrorism.

French Muslims are systematically find ways to impose their rules of the game in the workplace, such as:

*Continuously asking for and and getting special prayer rooms

*Demanding that women be allowed to wear full veils

*Asking for Muslim holidays off in place of regular French holidays

*Demanding that alcohol and pork no longer be served in company cafeterias

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