NO IRANIAN DEMANDS for apologies from THIS leader

Benjamin Netanyahu (leading in Israeli election polls) says, “Iran will not get its  hands on nukes.” And he means it.

Unlike the little terrorist-appeaser, B. Hussein Obama, Netanyahu makes no apologies for his country’s actions.

By ARON HELLER,Associated Press WriterAP – Sunday, February 1

JERUSALEM – Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s leading candidate for prime minister, said Saturday that Iran “will not be armed with a nuclear weapon.”

In an interview with Israel’s Channel 2 TV, Netanyahu said if elected prime minister his first mission will be to thwart the Iranian nuclear threat. Netanyahu, the current opposition leader and head of the hardline Likud party, called Iran the greatest danger to Israel and to all humanity.

When asked if stopping Iran’s nuclear ambitions included a military strike, he replied: “It includes everything that is necessary to make this statement come true.”

Even the Kadima party candidate, Tzini Livni, the foreign minister, said Hamas could not be negotiated with and called on the people of Gaza to overthrow their regime.

“I do not intend to reach any agreements with Hamas. Agreements I make with people who accept my existence,” she said. “They do not recognize Israel and do not renounce violence and terrorism. They will not be a party to an agreement and therefore the people of Gaza have to expel the Hamas from within them.”



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