Hizbullah warns Israelis & Jews of worldwide attacks

The government’s Counterterrorism Bureau has issued a worldwide warning that Hizbullah is planning to abduct or kill Israeli officials as well as  tourists and businessmen,towards the anniversary of the elimination of its terrorist mastermind Imad Mughniyeh last February.

Security officials last week revealed they foiled an imminent Hizbullah attack in an unnamed European city.

“Hizbullah is apparently prepared for carrying out a severe attack against an Israeli target, including abroad,” the bureau stated. “Such an attack is a threat against any Israeli, especially senior officials.”

Warnings also were issued to tourists and businessmen, who were told to take special precautions. Specific suggestions include not taking gifts from unknown people, refusing rides from cab drivers who volunteer their services and refraining from meetings in dark or secluded places.

“The Israelis live in fear of our revenge,” Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah said in a rare news conference via a video link. “The decision to respond to the killing is still on. We decide the time and place.”

Israel National News

Hey, Barry, why don’t you talk to this guy? You do share a common name and all. I’m sure you can charm him into changing his mind: Senior Iranian Official: The Elimination of Israel is a Sacred Aspiration

Hossein Shariatmadari, editor of the Iranian daily Kayhan, who is close to Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, called to disobey the ban on supplying advanced weapons and ammunition to the Palestinians and the resistance movements. He described the elimination of Israel as a “sacred aspiration” that would purge the world of the sources of corruption.

In a rally in honor of Samir Quntar, Mustafa Dirani and Sheikh ‘Abd Al-Karim ‘Obeid (Lebanese terrorists who were released by Israel), Shariatmadari said that the rivers and oceans in which the Zionists will drown are already prepared. The current war, he stated, is between the camp that supports Islam and the Islamic revolution and the camp of the infidels and enemies “who have come together to put out the flame of the revolution.” He added that the Islamic revolution had turned the national Israeli-Arab conflict into a conflict between Islam and Zionism, and the conflict between the Shi’a and the Sunna into one between “compromise and resistance.”

Sources: Kayhan, Iran, February 1, 2009; Fars, Iran, January 31, 2009