AUSTRALIA: Terrorists found guilty, but liberal media make a mockery of the case

Islamic Terror cell’s ‘war on non-believers’

  • Mex Cooper, February 3, 2009 – 12:57PM

A Melbourne-based terror cell had never selected targets and had not planned to blow up the MCG, a Supreme Court judge has said. Justice Bernard Bongiorno made the comments during the start of a sentencing of seven men found guilty of terrorism-related charges last September.

Abdul Nacer Benbrika, 48, of Dallas, became the first Australian to be convicted of leading a terrorist organisation following the country’s biggest-ever terrorism trial, which lasted seven months and cost tens of millions of dollars.

Justice Bernard Bongiorno said a terrorist organisation led by Benbrika had been dedicated to the destruction of non-believers.

The father-of-seven faces a maximum 25 years’ prison for directing the terrorist group that the jury heard had discussed attacking Melbourne’s Crown Casino and bombing the MCG on grand final day. He was also convicted of possessing a compact disc connected to the preparation of a terrorist act.

Justice Bongiorno said the terror group had still posed a “significant threat” and may have carried out a terrorist attack if not stopped. Benbrika used teachings of Islam to recruit his young followers and encourage them to wage violent jihad against “non-believers” in Australia.

Justice Bongiorno said although the word jihad had many meanings in Islam, Benbrika used the term only to mean a violent attack by his group to advance the Islamic cause and pressure the Austrailan Government into pulling troops out of Muslim countries and withdraw from the 
US alliance.


And here’s the Keith Olbermann of Australia, thumbing his nose at what he calls the “scaremongering” of the media.

 It’s enough to make you wish the terrorists would target a major news outlet. Oh wait, that would mean they were taking out some of their best allies in the War on Terror.

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