ISLAMObama: "Well, yeah, sure, those GITMO detainees might come back and attack us"

B. HUSSEIN Obama said he is worried that detainees freed from the military prison at Guantanamo Bay might resume attacks on this country – but argued that its closure had to be done in order to “uphold” what he called “our values.”

Values? VALUES? What good are values to thousands of dead Americans, Barry, you terrorist-sympathizing pansyassed pathetic excuse for a human being?

February 2, 2009 —

“Can we guarantee that they’re not going to try to participate in another attack? No,” Obama said in an NBC interview that aired today.

“But what I can guarantee is that if we don’t uphold our Constitution and our values, that over time that will make us less safe. And that will be a recruitment tool for organizations like al-Qaeda.”

Some 250 terrorists are being held there – many of them detained following the Sept. 11 attacks without charge and some subjected to interrogation that human rights groups say amounted to torture.

But critics fear some of the detainees may again plot to attack the US once they are released.

“Is it going to be easy?” Obama said in the interview. “No, because we’ve got a couple hundred of hard-core militants that, unfortunately, because of … problems that we had previously in gathering evidence, we may not be able to try in ordinary courts but we don’t want to release.”

Obama also expressed confidence that his administration would ultimately find a solution balancing security and US legal values.

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Left-wing Liberal-Speak De-coder on closing of GITMO.

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Please adopt an unjustly imprisoned but guilty detainee who can’t go back home because their governments aren’t as stupid as ours.

But HURRY, only about 250 detainees are available and some of them are begging for the death penalty.

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