HAMAS vs FATAH right here in the homeland

Powerline Blogger povides insightful commentary about a raucous demonstration held on the State Capital steps of Minnesota.

On January 5, representatives of Hamas and Fatah rallied on the steps of the Minnesota state capitol in St. Paul. Their purpose was to condemn Israel, and an Israeli flag was burned. Mostly, though, the rally turned into a confrontation between the terrorist organization, Hamas, and the formerly terrorist organization–to give it the benefit of the doubt–Fatah. Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison attended, apparently at the invitation of the Fatah faction, but was shouted down by Hamas supporters who don’t consider him radical enough. This video was made by Minnesotans Against Terrorism.

POWERLINE via WallyGuy

I wonder how long before HAMAS starts to martyr themselves in the streets of America?  


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