Liberal Indian media cover up Muslim crime just like our liberal media do

Vlogger India Media Zoom has many stories about the liberal media in India ignoring stories about Islamic crime and terror against the Indian people.

Young Pakistani Muslim female student was assaulted by Islamic fanatics for having a tattoo on her body that said “Thank you God” from the Quranic verses. Some Muslim men wanted police to arrest her for “hurting religious sentiments.” They couldn’t but they forced her to apologize and agree to get the tattoo removed by laser surgery. Apparently that wasn’t good enough for them, so they beat her up. She has since left school because of the trauma.

According to IndianMediaZoom, the Indian liberal media refuse to cover these kinds of stories. Maybe they’re owned by the NY Times? Disgusting, just disgusting.

At least some people will read about it here, IMZ. Islam must be destroyed.


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