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Uk’s first feature film About ‘Honor Killings’ To Premiere In Birmingham.


The premiere of the UK’s first feature film about the controversial subject of ‘honour killings’ will take place in Birmingham on 12 February 2009, in advance of its national release in the spring.

Shot entirely on location in Birmingham, Land Gold Women follows the story of a British-Asian family caught between Eastern tradition, Western culture and political turbulence. At the core of the film is the relationship between father and daughter and how the dynamics of it play out when the daughter decides to take her life into her own hands.

This Anglo-Indian collaboration aims to highlight the problems of forced marriage and honour crime, which affect thousands of women in Britain and across the world.

The team that created Land Gold Women was led by Writer and Director Avantika Hari and Producer Vivek Agrawal, both from India. The film has already garnered major press attention both in India and the UK for its subject matter, storyline and cinematic quality. The crew comprises of technicians from eight different countries.

The filmmakers worked closely with Ashram Housing Association, based in Birmingham, who deal with over one hundred cases of forced marriage every year.

SIKH TIMES via Europe News

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