AHMED & SALIM cartoons are 'NOT MEANT TO OFFEND MUSLIMS' but of course, they do!

‘Ahmed & Salim’, a South Park-style cartoon that makes fun of Palestinian terrorists, is the new big hit on the Israeli Web.


“When are you going to leave your computer and become real terrorists?” asks their father, before entrusting them with a perilous mission. In the end their plan goes terribly wrong because of… ice cream!


“It’s supposed to mock terrorists without ridiculing Muslims, but one of our Palestinian observers finds the idea dangerous.”( Surprise, Surprise!)

Comment from OBSERVERS france 24

“These videos are a big lie”

Sameh Akram Habeeb is a Palestinian blogger.

These videos are dangerous and full of lies. Foreigners with limited knowledge of Palestine will think that all Palestinians are terrorists. I’ve never met someone like the cartoon character of Ahmed and Salim’s father. And of course, the authors never once mention the existence of thousands of Palestinian prisoners. 

This type of video will in no case favour reconciliation between Jewish and Arab communities. On the contrary: it can only spawn hate. What message does it send to those who watch it? That Arabs are terrorists who think only of killing Jews. Our religion has its fundamentalists, like any religion, but we don’t send our children to death like the cartoon father does. I know enough about real life in Palestine to understand what is true and what isn’t, but most viewers won’t have that kind of background. And because the cartoons are subtitled they can be viewed by audiences worldwide. “

Hey, Pali guy, I’ve got news for you, most Palestinians either are terrorists or terrorist-supporters. After all, you did elect a terrorist government.

Episode 2 :

Ahmed and Salim are assigned to keep an eye on a Jewish prisoner. But the trio’s common love for Guitar Hero soften the would-be jailers, who end up releasing their prisoner.


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