CENSORSHIP: To see what King Hussein (Obama) wants to do to conservative talk radio, look at the Saudis

Sultan bin Fahd won’t hear a bad word spoken about the Saudi national soccer team. Outraged at journalists for criticising the team on TV, the Saudi prince phoned in an angry diatribe to live TV.

The sports journalists were taking part in a talk show about the Saudi team’s defeat (6-5) to Oman in the Gulf Cup final on January 17. Fahd, who is currently president of the kingdom’s Youth and Sports department (equivalent of sports minister), did not appreciate the commentators’ tone. When phone-ins began, Fahd took it upon himself to call the show, and lecture the journalists live on TV. He finished by saying: “If you’re not well-mannered enough, then let me educate you myself”. The journalists, looking down at their feet, were visibly shocked. Only one of them, who’s connected to the royal family, dared to talk back to the prince, who then slammed the phone down on him. 



Can everyone say “FAIRNESS DOCTRINE?”


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