For those who like to wear their religion on their sleeve, the Jewish-friendly ‘Jewberry’ and Muslim-friendly ‘Hidaya’ are the answer to your prayers.


A big hit in the US, the Jewberry  is just  a Blackberry on which you can read the Torah whenever you get the calling. A straightforward play on words, the Jewish-friendly version of a Blackberry, the Jewberry allows you to access prayers in Hebrew on your handset, if you don’t feel like hauling your books around. 



Muslim-certified, the Hidaya is named after a term used in the Koran to define “guidance” or “the good way” of Islam. The phone is fitted with various religious applications. For example, for a small sum, users can avoid missing a prayer with a foolproof alarm that goes off five times a day even if you’ve changed the clock. There’s also access to the Koran both in Arabic and translated into Indonesian; religious wallpapers, and ringtones that sound like Muslim chants. Service provider Esia also plans on integrating a mosque-finding facility and an inbuilt imam who recites prayers. (How about a GPS that will warn you when you’re in the vicinity of a suicide bomber?)