Guess who poses the biggest terror threat to the US?

Guess again. The real menace, say the CIA boys from Langley – there is no way of putting this nicely – comes from British Muslims. And we can thank liberal multi-culturalism crap for that.

It’s not Afghan badmashes who haunt the nightmares of Washington’s security men, nor Iraqi insurgents, nor rogue North Korean generals. It’s Muslims from Britain

Why is a young man from Bradford deemed a greater threat to the US than one from Bahrain or Beirut or Brunei?

For the better part of half a century, British patriotism has been systematically derided and traduced by our elites. Our history, when taught at all, is often presented as a chronicle of racism and exploitation. Small wonder that, seeing the United Kingdom held in contempt, the peoples of its four constituent nations begin to grope backwards toward older patriotisms. 

Maybe the multi-cultural values inculcated by some social workers, local government officials and teachers teach youngsters to despise the British state. For years, our ruling elites have wallowed in national self-loathing. Perhaps, further down the scale, their self-loathing is being pursued to its grisly extreme.



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