HOW LONG will you allow Muslims to deprive you of free speech in your own countries?

Across the free world, infidels (non-Muslims and ex-Muslims) are being attacked, marginalized, called racist, sued, and even prosecuted for criticizing Islam. 


This is happening in your country right now. How long will you be content to sit back and do nothing?

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  • We assert that Islam is not a religion of peace but is founded on war, violence, terrorism, hate and injustice.
  • We affirm that Islam is a false religion.
  • We conclude that Islam is responsible for rampant corruption, widespread misrule, implausible tyranny, mindless terrorism, unrelenting violence and pervasive social injustice in the Muslim world
  • Their Mission:

    We plan to achieve our goals in the following manners:

    1. We will criticize and expose the real truth about Islam without minding about any political correctness, whatsoever. 

    2. We will establish that Islam is false, that it is not revealed by any God, but was created by Prophet Muhammad himself to fulfill his greed, ego and ambition. 

    3. We will prove that Islam has nothing to do with peace; instead, it is a dangerous cult founded through violence, terror, plunder and extreme injustice by its founder, Muhammad. 

    4. We will prove that Islam is incompatible with the modern world. Islamic precepts stand in contravention to the concept of democracy, tolerance, human rights and gender equality  and hence is dangerous for modern civilization. 

    5. We will demonstrate that Islamic terrorism, as witnessed today, is sanctioned by Islam. Terrorists did not hijack Islam; instead, Islam itself has hijacked some otherwise good human beings and turned them into machines for terror, murder and destruction. 

    6. We will also awaken the non-Muslim world, especially the West, about the short-term and long-term dangers Islam to their good and benevolent society. 

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