But I thought those black garbage bags that Muslim girls/women wear over their faces are supposed to protect them from men who can't keep their business in their pants?

Apparently, all that male-imposed ‘modesty’ forced on women hasn’t stopped rape in Islamic countries which is among the highest in the world. Under Islamic law, you need 4 male witnesses to prove a rape.


BT in SA

PAKISTAN: Mukhtayar’s brother was seeing a girl from a family of much higher social class, taboo in this 7th century society. When the relationship was discovered, it was decided by the families that his sister, Mukhtayar, would have to atone for her brother’s offense. Accomapnied by her father and uncle, Mukhtayar went to the home of the girlfriend’s family, believing she would have to apologize. Instead she was taken into a room and gang-raped by 4 men in order to violate her honor and shame her family.

There were 2 witnesses in the room. The rapists were arrested and sentenced to death, but the verdict was overturned by reason of lack of admissable evidence (only 2 male witnesses).


Where are all the liberal FEMINAZIS?  *chirp* *chirp* 

100 lashes for a Saudi woman who was gang-raped and made pregnant by one of her rapists. But not a peep out of the so-called womens rights groups like NOW.