Finally, PALESTINIAN LIES ABOUT THE ISRAELIS exposed by Palestinians, in their own words

A clip from ‘A Palestinian Myth’ by renowned filmmaker, Perre Rehov, proves how the Arabs, NOT Israel, drove the Arabs of Palestine from their homes in 1948 and turned them into perpetual refugees.

The liberal media in the West as well as the Arab media perpetrate the outright lies about how Israel expelled the Palestinian Arabs in 1948.  Decades of  myths and distortions as well as one-sided news coverage have created an image of Israel that is falsely perceived as aggressive and evil. The Palestinians in this film tell you what the media won’t.

Pierre Rehov films


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While we’re on the subject of ‘liars,’ this just goes to show that liberals are pondscum, regardless of what nationality or what religion they are.

Here are Israeli left wing ‘peaceniks’ who are doing their best to denigrate the Gaza War and make unsubstantiated insinuations about their fellow Israeli IDF soldiers.

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