"I am going to talk to my son and convince him to return to Islam. If he refuses, I am going to kill him with my own hands."

From the Gaza strip to neighboring Egypt, this Muslim convert’s father is promising to kill him for becoming a Christian.

Mohammed Hijazi’s father always taught him to hate Christians. And yet Mohammed’s Christian neighbors in his home town in Egypt always treated him with love and kindness. The more he learned about Islam, the more he began to feel distant from the “god” of Islam. So he converted to Christianity.

He wanted to publicly profess his conversion on his Egyptian national ID card that, among other things, lists a person’s religion, but the judge denied him the ability to change his religion from Islam.

Mohammed and his then pregnant wife Christina began running from the law. Just over a month ago, she gave birth to baby Miriam in hiding. Christina’s family have all sworn to kill her because she married a non-Muslim against the family’s wishes.


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