MUSLIM FANATICS and their fanatical FATWAS

If you enjoy doing it, you can be sure there is an Islamic FATWA against it. Except in the case of death and destruction on infidels, for that there are countless fatwas authorizing it.


Saudi Arabia’s religious police have issued a fatwa, or religious edict, banning shops from selling red roses and other RED Valentine’s Day-related items.

But thanks to new freedoms gained from the blood of American soldiers, Iraqis now are free to celebrate Valentines Day if they like.

Pakistani President Gets a Fatwa for Flirting with VP candidate, Sarah Palin.

Protest against Fatwa on Tomboys in Malaysia.

Dressing like a boy means that you are a lesbian (for which there is a fatwa ordering punishment by death).

Fatwa against putting your picture on FACEBOOK

National Fatwa Council issues Fatwa against Yoga.

They say they fear that practicing yoga could cause a Muslim to deviate from his faith. But the real reason is that yoga has its roots in Hinduism.

Fatwa for the boycott of Israel and all companies that sell their products in Israel.

Fatwa against Mickey Mouse.

A prominent Saudi cleric and former Saudi diplomat to the US has declared jihad against Mickey Mouse and Jerry in Tom & Jerry. Inspired by the nonsense of the Islamic hadiths, he claimed that mice are offspring of the Israelites! Mice are evil! Soldiers of satan!

Fatwa on Swedish editor for publishing a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad’s head on the body of a dog.

al-Qaeda Fatwa calls for the death of the ediior.

Islamic scholars in India issued a Fatwa against terrorism in June ’08. But the Mumbai terror attacks occurred in Nov. ’08. So much for fatwas against terror.

So much for fatwas against anything that is sanctioned by the Qur’an.

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