Here's what you can look forward to with King Hussein's 'FREE HEALTHCARE for EVERYONE'

Sorry, this has nothing to do with Islam but everything to do with what the Muslim Marxist, who is going to destroy our excellent healthcare system, has in store for you. You have no idea how expensive healthcare will be once the government provides it for ‘free.’

Exclusive: Our beautiful Jenna died from a brain hemorrhage… even though I begged for a scan.

Days after doctors told Jenna Lester, 16, she had a virus she was dead from a brain haemorrhage. Her mum has battled for answers ever since.

As Sonia Lester anxiously stroked her daughter Jenna’s hair, she hoped that the 16-year-old’s symptoms really were nothing more than a tummy bug.

Jenna had suffered crippling headaches and aching eyes for weeks before she collapsed at home and was rushed to hospital.

Doctors diagnosed a stomach virus – despite the family’s  pleas to give her a brain scan.

She was sent home but a week later suffered a massive seizure. Back at the hospital medics found a clot on her brain.

And within four days Jenna was dead. Sonia says: “When Jenna collapsed my husband Mark and I knew that something was wrong with her head.

“She’d been having appalling headaches for weeks and on top of that she’d hit her head hard when she collapsed.

“We begged the doctors over and over to do a brain scan, but they refused. It was only after the seizure that doctors started taking notice of her symptoms and we finally realised what a terrible mistake had been made.”

Jenna was admitted to the Medway Maritime Hospital, doctors performed a series of routine tests and diagnosed  a gastric viral infection.

Meanwhile her parents asked doctor after doctor to investigate the headaches. “It was so frustrating when the doctors said she had a virus, because that just did not cover all her symptoms,” Sonia says. “We asked every single doctor that we could find if they would be able to help us, but all that any of them would say was that it wasn’t their department.”

Despite her parents’ pleas, Jenna was sent home shortly afterwards. But in the following days her headaches became so severe she could barely move.

Again Sonia begged doctors to look at her daughter’s head. Jenna was finally booked in for a scan on February 13, 2006, only to be told she must wait two more days following a communication foul-up. Hours after Sonia was told of the delay, her daughter suffered a huge seizure and was rushed back to hospital.

Sonia says: “After the seizure all the problems we’d faced in getting her a scan disappeared.

“ Suddenly there was a machine available and she was taken in straight away. Soon after, the doctors told us there was a massive clot in her brain and we knew all our worst fears had come true.”

Jenna – unconscious by now – was rushed to London’s King’s CollegeHospital, where surgeons worked against the clock to save her.

“Despite their efforts, Jenna’s life-support machine was turned off four days later.


This is not a rare occurrence. I have friends in the UK and Canada who say that this is the norm in Universal Healthcare. If you’re elderly, they don’t even try to save your life. Obama talks about a more efficient healthcare system, what he means is rationing healthcare. So if you’re over a certain age, they figure out how long a procedure will extend your life before giving it to you. As Tom Daschle said in his book on Healthcare, (I’ll paraphrase) “Old people have had long lives so they’ll just have to learn to live with certain conditions rather than wasting the State’s money on expensive medications and procedures.”



When America socializes medicine, where will Canadians go for healthcare?

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