Invitation to Muslims to disprove what ANTI-ISLAM WEBSITES like this one have to say

I challenge you to take any of the videos shown here and prove to us why they are false or never happened. And NO QUOTING FROM THE QUR’AN because for every peaceful passage you can find, I can find one that calls for violence against Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

The reason for this post is what I found when I backlinked to this website Rise the Mag as follows:


Anti-Islam Websites

Today internet is being used for wrong purposes such as spreading Misinformation about Islam. Actually these websites are production of people having destructive minds who are spreading wrong interpretation of Islam.

Here interesting thing to note is that whenever we see negative usage of internet it is always against Muslims which is very regrettable. There are lots of websites who have poisonous material against Muslims and Islam. We gave them the name of Fake Islamic websites or Anti Islamic Websites. Enemies of Islam are trying to deceive Muslims but actually they are deceiving themselves which is very clearly mentioned in following verse of Quran

In reality these websites are sign of dirty minds of these miscreants who through these websites want to spread wrong interpretations and message of Islam even using Arabic language to misguide Muslims or people who sincerely want to know about Islam. But we think they are unaware what God says about Quran.


What they are or want to achieve?

We normal Muslims don’t know what type of difficulties this global propaganda against Muslims and Islam is creating for us. It is proving to be major hindrance for progress of Islam and Muslims. We want to show you some of the things that they are or want to achive.

Wrong character of Islam and Prophet Mohammad(PBUH)
They are spreading wrong and negative ideas about Islam; they are presenting prohibited things in Islam as legal which are creating doubts in the minds of Muslims. These websites are giving distorted image of Islam In other words this is slow poisoning or brain washing. They try to portray Islam as a religion which is intolerant towards women but they don’t know that Islam is the first religion which gave Women their basic rights at the time when whole Europe was gripped in the darkness.



Creating confusions in minds of converted Muslims
Mostly newly converted Muslims fall prey to these types of websites who don’t have complete concepts about Islam and they mostly search on internet for this type of information. From these websites they get wrong answers for their queries especially about hot issues like terrorism because they give wrong interpretations of Jihad and all related concepts., so they fear to follow right path of Islam.



Creating Misconceptions in the minds of Non-Muslims
Whenever a non-Muslim starts to take interest in Islam these types of websites draws such a bad map of Islam those then they stop taking interest in Islam.These anti-Islam websites are giving new strange concepts about Islam, as we know that God has completed the religion for us so no one has right to add anything in it.


After seeing all these websites one thing is clear that although 1400 years have passed since the advent of Islam,but still these Non-Muslims don’t allow us to live in peace,still they claim that they are democratic society and they believe in freedom of religion etc which is a clear sign of their hypocritical and narrow-minded behavior.As religion is a personal matter of anyone so according to ethics and rules of modern era interference in anyone’s religion is serious crime which can’t be tolerated.

What Muslims can do?
As a true Muslim this is our religious obligation that we should play our role in countering this menace which is misguiding our innocent Muslims, after all we have to answer God on the day of judgment that what we have done for Islam. So we have to fight this propaganda for our survival,which is only possible if we

(i) Inform every Muslim about these websites
(ii) Inform also the Non-Muslims about wrong information about Islam in these websites.
(iii) Take this issue on international level through internet and other media.
(iv) Present real image of Islam in front of the entire world.
(v) Upload as much possible information about Islam on internet.

If we succeed to do above mentioned things then we can InshAllah stop these criminal minded people.


To my BNI readers, there are some other good websites listed here. Check them out.  –BARE NAKED ISLAM


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