Obama to join JEW-HATERS at UN Conference on 'Racism'

In his book, Dreams from My Father, Obama said,, ‘I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction”

Gee, Barry, the winds didn’t even turn ugly yet and you’re already schmoozing with the terrorists and stabbing Israel in the back. I hope all you liberal Jews who voted for this Muslim are happy.

Obama’s Policy Shift on Durban Racism Conference Draws Criticism

Highlights from Durban II Drafting Committee Meeting, Jan. 19-23, 2009 : The session was dominated by a vehemently anti-Western agenda, with Islamic and Third World countries equating counter-terrorism with racism, calling to restrict free speech in the name of Islamic sensitivities—the so-called defamation of Islam—and focusing on the practice of slavery in the West but barring mention of the slave trade in the Arab world and elsewhere. Worst of all, Iran and Syria used the forum to engage in Holocaust denial, while many countries demanded new provisions to condemn Israel as a racist and criminal state. The EU, a minority, played defense.

When diplomats meet at the United Nations in Geneva on Monday to continue hammering out plans for an international conference on racism in the spring, representatives of the United States will take part for the first time in years. The major policy shift, announced by the State Department over the weekend, is the strongest indication yet that the Obama administration could end up participating in the Durban Review Conference, also known as “Durban II.”

Doing so would undercut a campaign calling on democracies to boycott the event, which opponents say will be used by Islamic states and their allies to attack Israel, undermine Western counter-terrorism initiatives and endanger free speech.

A decision to stay away by President Obama would provide cover for other Western countries to do so; U.S. attendance, conversely, is expected to have the opposite effect. Currently Israel and Canada alone have formally announced they will not take part.

U.S. representatives attending the Feb. 16-19 inter-governmental working group discussions will be confronted by a draft agenda that equates Israeli policies and actions with those of apartheid South Africa, and revisits the U.N.’s controversial “Zionism is racism” resolution by highlighting what the drafters call “a racially-based law of return.”

They will also be met by references to racism impacting on counter-terrorism efforts, and calls for governments to act against “negative stereotyping of religions and defamation of religious personalities, holy books, scriptures and symbols.”

Arguing that “Islamophobia” is a “contemporary form of racism,” the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) is using Durban II to further its campaign to have religious “defamation” outlawed – a drive which critics say is designed to prevent criticism of Islam and practices associated with it.

The Bush administration walked out of the last U.N. racism conference, held in Durban, South Africa, in September 2001, protesting the singling out of Israel “for censure and abuse.

The chief planners for Durban II are a 20-strong panel, chaired by Libya and comprising a diverse group that includes countries hostile to Israel, among them Iran, Pakistan and Cuba.

Anne Bayefsky, editor of Eye on the U.N., a project of the Hudson Institute, said Obama’s decision to take part in the preparatory discussions “sends a terrible signal.” “Durban II is a cover for an assault on free speech, the demonization of the Jewish state, and an effort to undermine anti-terrorism activities by labeling them all racist,” she said.

“Everyone knows that the agreed purpose of Durban II is to implement Durban I’s Declaration which criticizes only one country on the planet – demonizing Israel as guilty of racism.  “The United States cannot change that agenda. It can only legitimize it – which is exactly what U.S. participation now does,” she said. “Evidently, this reincarnation of ‘Zionism is racism’ is not a problem for President Obama.”