Rape victims are mutilated after the rape. This is a common practice in Islamic African cultures, a cruel signature to mar the victim for life.

Sweden has been suffering under exploding crime waves since the beginning of the mass immigration era from Muslim countries. Compared to other European countries they have several hundred percent more crime in most categories. 

The numbers are beyond fantastic and they are increasing. With the increasing crimewaves, there are growing incidents of mental problems in young and old. There are also new types of violence being discovered.  

Swedish politicians are all equally inept because they were educated during a period of normalcy, the crimes were at “normal” levels compared to the rest of Europe. Politically Correct left-wing Politicians also are afraid to speak out about immigration policies or immigrant crime. Now Swedes are confronted with extreme violence from heavily armed large gangs who will take over a whole city during a robbery. Takeover robberys are more common and the lightly armed police have in some cases been hiding while observing the crimes take place.

Military style armed gangs are permitted to stay in Sweden. Even violent crimes like child rape do not automatically result in expulsion. 

Hearing about these non-punishments, criminals from all over the world naturally are attracted to Sweden. 

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