UK Schoolteachers to students, "LET'S PRETEND WE ARE ALL SUICIDE BOMBERS"

British Children are being encouraged to imagine they are suicide bombers plotting the July 7 attacks as part of the Government’s strategy to combat violent extremism.


Photo of the bus destroyed in a terrorist bomb explosion 07 July 2005 in Woburn Place, London Photo: EPA
Photo of the bus destroyed in a terrorist bomb explosion 07 July 2005 in Woburn Place, London Photo: EPA

The exercise is part of a teaching pack aimed at secondary school pupils that has been adopted by the Department for Children, Schools and Families. It requires children to prepare a presentation on the July 7 atrocity – in which 52 innocent people died – “from the perspective of the bombers”.

They are asked to summarise the reasons why they thought the bombers wanted to carry out their attacks and even suggest some more. 

But it was criticised yesterday by victims, educational experts and politicians, who feared it could be “dangerous” to ask children to adopt the mindset of a terrorist.

Jacqui Putnam, who survived the Edgware Road bomb on July 7, said: “I can’t see why anyone would think it is a valuable exercise to encourage children to put themselves in the position of men who treated people in such an inhuman way. “To encourage children to see the world in that way is a dangerous thing. Surely there must be a better way of achieving their objective?”

Khalid Mahmood, the Labour MP for Birmingham Perry Bar, said the pack risked “encouraging the sort of belief we’re trying to work against”. “They should be looking at it from the victims’ view,” he said. “Whoever thought this up has no understanding of the communities where we are fighting against extremist beliefs.” (The government thought this up. Who else could be this stupid?)

Patrick Mercer, the chairman of the Commons terrorism sub-committee, said: “How useful is it to pretend to be a suicide bomber if it defeats the object of the lesson? Imagine the uproar if we suggested that children play-acted the role of Hitler.” (Not to worry, British schools no longer teach about the Holocaust – see below)

Sail Suleman, the author of the pack, told the Times Educational Supplement : “We’re looking at why people become extreme. Why do young people go out and do what the bombers did? Was it pressure from individuals they were hanging out with? Hopefully, we’ll encourage pupils to stay away from those individuals.”

The education department withdrew the pack from the teachernet website yesterday. (Yeah, but did they remove it from the teaching curriculum? NO)

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At the same time, British schools have dropped the teaching of the Holocaust because it might be offensive to Muslims.

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And when they finish pretending to be suicide bombers, they can supply their friends in the Taliban with British-made bomb parts supplied by UK Muslims.

LONDON: Some roadside bombs used by the Taliban in Afghanistan include electronic parts that originally came from Britain and were supplied by British Muslims, the Daily Telegraph reported on Saturday.

According to the newspaper, the devices, which were used to activate bombs via remote control, were either sent to sympathizers or carried in by volunteers who flew to Pakistan and crossed the border into Afghanistan. It reported that an explosives officer told British Foreign Secretary David Miliband of the findings while the minister was in Afghanistan on a two-day visit this past week. The officer told Miliband that the devices had either been sent there or had been physically carried into the country by Britons.