BAD DOG! Why Muslims need to be housebroken

What happens when you bring a new dog into the house and it makes a mess on your rug or bites you on the leg? The first thing you do is take a rolled up newspaper and thwack it on the nose. Then you say firmly, “Bad Dog.” 

SULTAN KNISH offers an excellent perspective on Muslim violence in the West called ‘Housebreaking Islam’ about why the deadly beast that is Islam must be tamed.

When it comes to Muslim violence, the West has long ago not only stopped thwacking Muslims on the nose with a newspaper, but doesn’t even bother to say, “Bad Dog” anymore. What if the dog bit one of your kids hard enough to require stitches, and instead of getting rid of it, you instead blamed your own family for not working hard enough to make the dog feel accepted. So while the blood is still running down your kid’s leg, you thwack him on the nose, and pet the dog on the head while saying, “Good Dog.”

Sure at some point the state might step in, but the problem is that the dog is 1.5 billion Muslims, and you are the state.

Europe is slowly coming around to the idea that Islam must be housebroken, even as America continues insisting that Islam is just great except for a few extremists somewhere who wouldn’t have any influence, if we just appeased Muslims more. But Europe’s idea of housebreaking still misses the point. Evicting a few Imams and banning religious clothing from schools certainly won’t housebreak Islam. It’s the impotent behavior of people who are too afraid to deal with the threat and can’t even name the problem.

About the only countries who thwack Islam on the nose anymore are America and Israel, and they do it all too lightly, and hardly say “Bad Dog” anymore. No wonder the house is full of crap, the kids need tetanus shots and the “dog” is running the house.

Nation building ventures have made a dog’s dinner of what should have been a simple newspaper thwacking that would have left major holes in the countries that sponsored terrorism. Instead we did the equivalent of trying to build obedience schools, which we had to let the dogs themselves run in the end, while agreeing to try any trainers who thwack too hard in court. No wonder the dogs again wound up having the run of the house.

It’s common sense that you can’t share a house, a neighborhood or a country with a rabid dog. Either the dog goes, or you do. Between being unable to deliver a simple thwack and birth rate statistics biased toward the four footed clan, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out which was this is headed. You either throw the dogs out, housebreak them or learn to live like a dog.

As the riots, murders, gang rapes and bombings across Europe show, a lot of people would rather learn to live like dogs, than stand up to the pack. But that kind of whipped cur attitude isn’t limited to Europe. Bush has spent the twilight days of his presidency apologizing for saying “Bad Dog” once too often, after 3000 of his countrymen were brutally murdered. In Israel, as in much of Europe, pointing out that Arab Muslims and terrorism have a propensity to go together is a criminal offense.

Not only can’t our governments say “Bad Dog” anymore, even civilians aren’t allowed to say it on a freelance basis, let alone deliver a good solid thwack to the nose of the mangy curs. Forget about housebreaking Islam, the way things are going Islam is housebreaking us.

While Europe has gone to the dogs out of fear of the Hounds of Islam, it’s worth remembering that old fictional English detective, Sherlock Holmes, and the Hound of the Baskervilles. Holmes investigates a suspicious death supposedly caused by a mysterious haunted creature, the Hound of the Baskervilles. The official verdict is that the Hound does not even exist. Many believe that it exists and is a spectral monster that cannot be stopped. Holmes however shoots the dog and discovers that it is no unstoppable fiend, only a large dog covered in phosphorus.

Islam is not unstoppable. It is not a supernatural unkillable force. It is a large vicious dog covered in phosphorus, glowing in the dark, and terrifying those who might resist its rampage. When you shoot the dog however you discover that it is mortal, and in the process you discover your own strength, and the dog learns once more than men and women are its masters to be obeyed. Because if dogs will not submit to men, then men will be forced to submit to dogs.  SULTAN KNISH

Sultan, sweetie, you are my new hero! –Bonni at BNI


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