Finally, Congress moves to BLACKLIST CAIR

Members of Congress Agree: Federal Agencies Should Cut All CAIR Ties.

By Andrew Cochran

Three U.S. Senators have today joined a U.S. House Member in requesting additional information from the FBI on the recent cessation of its relationship with the Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR), which was reported by the IPT on January 30. Moreover, the Senators specifically demand that all federal agencies cut any relationship with CAIR, a policy which I first enunciated on November 24, immediately after the guilty verdicts in the Holy Land Foundation criminal trial. Senators Jon Kyl, Charles Schumer, and Tom Coburn sent this letter today to FBI Director Mueller, asking whether all FBI field offices have cut off ties with CAIR and whether the Bureau knows of any other federal agencies with ties to CAIR.

In my post on November 24, I proposed the issuance of “a statement of policy which mandates that no component of the U.S. government will enter into any contract, grant, or agreement with any person or entity which is an unindicted co-coinspirator in a federal criminal case brought by the Department of Justice.” The Obama Administration has plenty of incentive, in the form of this bipartisan letter, to do that now through a management memorandum issued by the Office of Management and Budget.

But Congress can also take direct action now by adding that policy to the FY 2009 omnibus appropriations bill now winding its way through Congress. Why wait?


Watch King Hussein Obama put the kabosh on this.