If you're WHITE in Great Britain, SAVAGE ATTACKS on you BY MUSLIMS AREN'T classified as RACIST

13 Muslims (called Asians in the UK) brutally attacked a white school kid with a hammer, fracturing his skull in 3 places and leaving him with permanent brain damage. Yet the police don’t want to call it a racist attack.

Why is that? Are they afraid? Have they been so dhimmified that they can’t protect their own citizens from these Middle East savages? I find so many stories like this coming out of the UK that I couldn’t even list them all here. England used to be a world power, now they are behaving like scared little sissies, selling out their people to a culture that means to destroy them. Where is the outrage?



UK Muslim who has seven British degrees and a PhD (or so he claims) blames his 3+ years of unemployment on racism against him by whites.

But the best part is he has 10 children with an 11th on the way, all supported in style by the British taxpayers. He claims Allah decides how many children he should have. And I guess Allah decides who gets to pay for them too.

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Ironically, now the older Muslim immigrants in the UK think the government should stop any more Muslim immigrants from coming in.

Europe’s biggest Muslim freeloaders don’t want any more Muslim freeloaders getting the handouts. But if a white person says this, he’s called ‘racist.’

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