Why did Obama sell out to the Taliban?

By endorsing the plan to allow Shari’a Law in the Swat Valley of Pakistan, Obama has given the green light to the Taliban to brutalize women and forbid girls from going to school. 

Nice foreign policy, Barry, almost as good as your giving away $900 million of our money to the Hamas terrorists. Will you be inviting al-Qaeda to the White House for tea next, you Muslim scumbag?

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US $$BILLIONS to Pakistan to fight terrorism yields more terrorism in return.

The Pakistani army, Taliban, and Al Quaeda  are all the same with a common islamist agenda, which is why the army has never taken on the Taliban. In fact,  Jalaluddin Haqquani, Taliban leader, considers sending suicide bombers to fight Americans as a strategic asset. 

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Your tax dollars at work.

Fire sale prices on the streets of Pakistan for stolen military supplies and weaponry bound for the US Army in Afghanistan. Supply convoys are regularly attacked and equipment confiscated by the Taliban, while the Pakistani Army turns a blind eye.

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