Canadian Schools Celebrate 'ISRAELI APARTHEID WEEK'

Anti-Israel apartheid poster that portrays Israelis as child-killers gets banned  and rouses controversy in Canadian and international press and on campuses. 

Two Canadian universities came under criticism this week for banning a poster which is seen to be depicting Israelis as child-killers and accusing Israel of apartheid.

The posters from Canada, which were banned from Ottawa University and Carleton University, are advertisements for an annual series of events labeled as “Israeli Apartheid Week,” due to begin on Monday, March 1. The “Israeli Apartheid Week” tradition began in 2005 in Toronto, spreading since to other campuses and cities. 

The poster, circulated by pro-Palestinian activists, depicts a gunship with the word “Israel” on it firing a missile at a boy wearing a kaffiyeh and holding a teddy bear. In explaining the ban, Ottawa University said: “All posters approved must promote a campus culture where all members of the community can play a part in a declaration of human rights.” 

Activists also circulated letters and emails with phone numbers for the universities’ directors, urging students to call and protest. Pro-Palestinian activist Jessica Carpinone argued that Carleton officials have given “no valid reason for banning the poster other than that it’s a controversial issue.” 


Israeli Apartheid Week in Canada.


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