BELGIUM: “There are millions of moderate Muslims but they are irrelevant. Mass Muslim immigration must be stopped.”

The anti-Muslim backlash continues.

“Islamophobia is an obligation,” says Filip Dewinter, a Flemish parliament member for Vlaams Belang and a counsellor in the Antwerp city council, in his book “Insha’Allah? The Islamization of Europe” which will be out Monday. The Antwerp head of Vlaams Belang thinks Islam is a predator which is attacking weak Europe.  He asks for cutting back on the structures of Islam which are forming in Flanders, stopping Islamization and stopping immigration from Muslim countries.

Is his book Filip Dewinter aims not at Muslims, but at Islam as an ideology.  “The moderate Muslims are many but they are not relevant. The radical Muslims who have the mosques in their power are,” he said tonight on Terzake (Canvas).  He also spoke on Nieuws of VTM.

Dewinter wants to cut off the Muslims by pursing a strict police concerning antenna dishes, internet and other digital communications.  The Flemish and local governments should conduct a stricter study of mosques for recognition and subsidies.  They must be subjected to permanent security supervision.  The structures that Islam is expanding in Flanders and Europe should be cut back.

“I think that we should say much more clearly what we demand from people, and what we don’t demand from them. The starting point is simple: an immigration stop, close the doors. We can’t mop with the tap open. If family reunification continues and the number of illegals continues to increase and the asylum procedures are not adjusted and the number of naturalization continues to increase, and double nationality doesn’t disappear – then all efforts are pointless. Then there’s no point in integrating the people who are here. Thus this mass immigration must be stopped.”

Islam in Europe

Muslim rioters in Antwerp damaged many cars and attacked journalists.

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