FREE SPEECH UNDER ATTACK: How UN 'Anti-Blasphemy' laws will directly affect you

Pure, unadulterated totalitarianism being strong armed through the UN by the 57 Arab league states. Will the Muslim leader of the ‘free’ world sit idly by and allow it to happen, now that Europe is in the last throes of freedom and democracy?

Think about it. The King Hussein administration verbally attacks talk radio show hosts and imposes some form of the Fairness Doctrine with the ultimate goal of shutting them down. Then they expand hate crimes legislation to cover thought crimes by non-criminals. Then they do nothing while the UN adopts ‘anti-blasphemy against Islam’ laws which will apply to all nations, essentially cutting off the free speech rights of democracies. Where is the outrage?


On the other hand, people like this give me pause and get me to thinking, maybe a little Shari’a Law would be a good thing?



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