Afghan women's rights activist FEARS KING OBAMA'S INSANE TALIBAN PLAN.

2 million Afghan girls now go to school, something they could not do under the Taliban. If the Taliban gets empowered again by Obama, women will be beaten to death and girls schools will be closed.

President Obama says the United States could be open to reaching out to some moderates in the Taliban Asked if the United States is winning the war in Afghanistan, Obama said “no.” Given that remark, Gary Berntsen, a former CIA officer who led CIA forces in Afghanistan after 9/11, said Monday that it could be difficult to get members of the Taliban to work with the United States.

“If you keep saying the Taliban are winning, what incentive is there now for individuals who are fighting against us to come over to us?” he said on CNN’s “American Morning.”

Trying to engage the Taliban directly, Berntsen said, is not a good idea.

“You want to be working with the Afghans as partners as you reach out to individuals. You’re not getting them as a group. If you do bring some of them in as a group, they’ll cooperate with you just like they did in the Swat Valley in Pakistan, but the second you’re gone, they’re going to start abusing the population, violating human rights,” he said.

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