Reaching out to the Taliban means defeat for America from an emboldened enemy. They smell blood in the water of a spineless President following in the footsteps of another failed appeaser, Neville Chamberlain.

Remember Mogadishu where Clinton pulled out the troops in 1998? We’re supposed to learn from history, not repeat its mistakes.


Stupid liberal ‘valley girl’ takes to the streets of NY to ask New Yorkers how they feel about our government talking to terrorists.


The Taliban are setting the rules for talks with the U.S. – No negotiations before ALL foreign troops are withrawn.


Tali guys to Obambi: “20,000 more US troops are not enough, send two million more troops. We have 70,000 suicide bombers waiting for you.”

Taliban fighters in Afghanistan have rejected US efforts to reach out to what Barack Obama, the US president, calls the “moderate Taliban”. The fighters say they represent a united front. They also say they welcome a US plan to send an additional 17,000 troops to Afghanistan because the troops represent more potential targets to shoot.


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