HINDUS. Is there anyone Muslims do NOT hate?

The shouts are familiar, only the countries are different. Wherever Muslims go, they demand to be free from the country they voluntarily inhabited. Why the hell don’t they just stay in the Middle East hellholes from which they crawled out?

Indians are dogs.”

“Destroy India, Free Kashmir.”

“India, burn it down.”

“God willing, we shall fly Pakistan’s flag over India’s capital.”

The partition of India and formation of Pakistan was a movement OF islam, FOR islam and BY islam. Detente with Pakistan is impossible as long as Islam exists.  Islam seeded this hate and continues to nurture it. Al quaeda, Taliban and Pakistan – all have a common denominator – an ideology of hatred called Islam. This hateful behavior towards Hindu India in Pakistan is present across the spectrum.

Hindus never sought to invade Arabia/Turkey and convert their natives to Hinduism. It is the forces of Islam  that invaded India, plunging sections of it into darkness.