AFGHANISTAN: GIRLS DEFY TALIBAN and risk their lives to attend school

Not to worry, after Obambi makes a deal with those ‘moderate’ Talibans, girls will be forbidden from getting an education.  

CNN meets some girls in Afghanistan who are determined to go to school despite the Taliban’s threats. The “Afghan government has failed to adequately protect the rights of women despite constitutional guarantees.” With a resurgent Taliban targeting NATO forces, government security forces and civilians, violence has been on the increase in Afghanistan. 

Violence against women comes in the form of rape, “honor killings,” early and forced marriages, sexual abuse and slavery. Rapes in the country have been growing tremendously, particularly child rapes within of girls as young as  6 or 7. Options outside the home are limited where the Taliban holds sway in Afghanistan. The Taliban’s interpretation of strict Islamic law, or sharia, has included banning girls from school and the workplace.


When Obama submits to the Taliban, the children of Afghanistan lose.