ISLAMObama's Taliban buddies are threatening to take over the rest of Pakistan now

Now that Obama has endorsed the Taliban’s takeover of the SWAT Valley in Pakistan, they are emboldened to threaten the rest of the country with the brutality of strict fundamentalist Shari’a Law. Happy, Barry?

 The Taliban have won major successes recently and wrested crucial administrative concessions for themselves in the northwest frontier areas of Pakistan such as the Swat Valley. They are now closing in on one of the biggest urban centres in those parts, Peshawar.

Posters carrying the Taliban’s messages and rulings have begun popping up all over, and are specially disconcerting for these Hindu families in villages around Peshawar — directing men not to shave and women not to go to school.

“The Taliban are approaching Peshawar,” said Jagdish Sharma, a hakim (practitioner of local system of medicine) from Peshawar. “We’ve heard stories of molestation and cruelty against women there.”  HINDUSTAN TIMES

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