HOW TO BOYCOTT ISLAM in your own hometown

If you are as fed up as I am with the Islamification of your country, then you can peacefully, legally, and economically Boycott Islam at a local and national level. 

Some examples:

Avoid Muslim businesses, shops, restaurants, cafes, kebab shops, takeaways, car hire firms, taxis, video shops, phone shops, cafes, hotels, airlines, travel agents, engineers, plumbers, mechanic stores, Dentists, Doctors, pharmacists, carpenters, charities, etc. (If you are in NYC, this could mean taking the bus or walking rather than taking a taxi)

Avoid supermarkets, food chains, restraunts, cafes, etc that sell and promote Halal meat. Be warned, not all Muslim shops promote Halal, but a lot of European or American cooperations do, such as KFC, Pizza Hut, Subway, etc). Instead use farmers markets, grow your own food if you have enough garden space, and use your local non-Muslim shops. 

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3 comments on “HOW TO BOYCOTT ISLAM in your own hometown

  1. If you really would like to boycott Islam? Than stop using Arabic numerals 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9. Coffee, lemons, medicines, binoculars, and ,math.

    • Arabic numerals have nothing to with Islam.

      Neither does Algebra. Algebra techniques existed from the times of the Ancient Egyptians and Babylonians. All muslims did was take knowledge from the Greeks, translate it and bring it to Spain. It was then translated to other languages and spread to the rest of Europe.

      Arabs and muslims today don’t even use their “arabic numerals” for which they get credit. They use Indian numerals, which suggests they might’ve stole from the Indians as well.

      al Jib’r, therefore Algebra? That’s the stupid notion that people have because some stupid English Historians fell for that one. However, Pythagoras’ Theorem? Euclidean Mathematics? Do these sound like Arabic words to you? And the value of Pie is from the value of the alphabet from Greek, isn’t it?

      Vikram above is also right that much before the Greeks, the Hindus were already past masters at Mathematics and Sciences. And their system not only had the “shunya” or zero, they even knew the negative value calculations. But, the Greeks formalized what we know today of Modern day Mathematics.

      Heck even the kebab is Greek!

    • You’re immensely ignorant.
      Fucking arabs invented a shit,apart prostitution and pedophlia.
      Where are you from,idiot?
      Math born in India,lemons and oranges were in Southern Europe since the Roman Empire,etc etc.
      Fucking arabs stolen EVERYTHING from other folks.
      Clearly you’re a pro-arab.
      Spit on you.
      You think that arabs are good people,when they’ll come to you to behead you,what do you think to do??
      Lick their dirty asses?
      Totally useless

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