Muslims have the right to wear a head covering. They don't have the right to do anything they want while wearing it.

Minnesota Bill would ban Muslim hijab on Driver’s Licence photos and the CAIR Nazis are crying foul.

Wearing a head covering is a religious right. Getting a driver’s license while wearing it is not.

Muslim woman jailed for not removing hijab in a court of law.

And now she wants the judge thrown off the bench.

Restaurant accused of discrimination for denying Muslim hijab wearer an interview because it goes against their uniform requirements.

Go get a job at a halal market if you don’t like our rules.

Muslim Teen accuses Abercrombe & Fitch of discrimination.

The AF image does not include wearing a rag on your head.

California Muslim claims bank singled her out for wearing hijab.

And of course, the CAIR Nazis scream religious discrimnation.