OBAMBI'S 'MODERATE' TALIBAN PALS set new rules for the SWAT Valley

As the first order of business, the Taliban order EVERY non-government organization (NGO) to leave the SWAT Valley of Pakistan immediately because:


NGO’s promote vulgarity and obscenity by teaching lessons in sanitation and hygiene;

NGO’s have men working along side women;

NGO’s cause infertility by giving polio vaccinations made in foreign countries;

NGO’s allow girls to attend school which now is punishable by death. (100’s of schools have been blown up by the Taliban since they came to power)

Hey, Barry, is this what you’re planning to have your ‘moderate’ Taliban buddies do in Afghanistan, too? Because this is how the Taliban operate, moderate or otherwise. Just sayin’

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Pakistan’s new NO-GO areas provided by Obambi’s friends in the Taliban. Let’s all watch an example of Taliban justice – a public flogging.

Welcome to Shari’a Law: A foreign policy of beating the menace of the Taliban, the scourge of all western human rights thinking, democratic principles and protectors of Osama bin Laden, has been dashed in spectacular style.

The Taliban have taken control by simply overwhelming the security forces, in part with full-on militia attacks on the army, but predominantly with a simply staggering campaign of suicide bomb attacks. The ruins of government buildings, schools, barracks, police stations and checkpoints, are everywhere you travel in the region.

The attacks claimed the lives of hundreds if not thousands of police, army and civilians. In the end the security forces offered a one-sided ceasefire. In return for peace the Taliban can administer the region, run Sharia courts, ban women from market places, outlaw CD shops and, perhaps worst of all, stop girls’ education above the age of 13.

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This just in: Another suicide bombing attack in Islamabad, capital of Pakistan. Well, the Taliban did promise that they would be moving into other areas, now that they control the SWAT Valley.

The explosion occurred on Pakistan Day, a national holiday. It appeared to be the work of a suicide bomber who blew himself up at the gate to the police station, which houses a special intelligence-gathering branch of Islamabad police, the network said. “Parts of the bodies, the human bodies, are spread around the area,” GEO-TV’s Hamid Mir told CNN.


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