ISLAMObama's 'MODERATE' TALIBAN buddies demonstrate their version of Due Process

Perhaps Obama can incorporate the Taliban system of punishment over here for the terrorists, so we won’t have to bother with costly trials at taxpayer expense.

Two men who have been found guilty of kidnapping and killing a taxi driver are taken outside. They are blindfolded.

Their victim’s relatives have been given two options. They can claim blood money in compensation from the accused – a sum of two million rupees is mentioned, a veritable fortune here. Or they can take the other option: revenge. They can decide the alleged murderers should die and they can pull the triggers themselves.

They take the second option. The men are placed up against a brick wall. The crowd that has gathered are held back. The victim’s relatives step forward. They are almost on top of the two accused but still the first few bullets do not deliver the killer blow.

One stays standing for what seems like several seconds, before they both crumple to the ground and the crowd surges forward. Justice has been done and been seen to be done.

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